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NGO Biladi

Humanitarian projects in Mauritania West Africa

NGO Biladi. is a Non-governmental organization in Mauritania (West Africa) based in Nouakchott, our humanitarian’s projects in Mauritania:

1-The fight against poverty: Support women’s cooperatives: Poultry, agriculture, sewing, livestock etc ..
2-Education: Support the education of girls and childrens , and building classrooms in isolated areas
3- Children’s: Care of orphans and street children’s.
4-Health: Construction and equipping of health centers , and organisation of Medical convoys
5-Water: Drilling artesian wells and improving access to drinking water.
6-Awareness and sensitization: Awareness and sensitization activities against AIDS and Ebola ,ect…
7-Relief: Distribution of basic food items, clothes and tents to the poor communities especially during the drought periods and to the refugees from West African countries.
8- Several other projects .

منظمة بلادي الغير حكومية

تعمل  منظمة بلادي في المجال التنموي و الخيري في موريتانيا

 حيث تشمل مجالات تدخلها قطاع الصحة و التعليم و الاغاثة و التنمية المحلية

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